The NFLRA lockout is over! It seems the NFL and NFLRA have reached an agreement late Wednesday night.

According to

The NFL reached an agreement with the NFL Referees Association late Wednesday to end the referee lockout and are working on the paperwork now, according to a league source. A high-ranked referee told and NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington earlier that the officials are prepared to immediately begin work…”

Hallelujah! Now, fans don’t have to be worried about their fantasy picks, teams don’t have to be worried about the post season and for now at least, integrity has returned to the game.

While I think the owners had to bend to see the impact their stalemate was having, it is nice to know an agreement could be reached. I also think the outcry from fans in support of the referees was a huge impetus to ending this lockout.

There’s no doubt about it, football is America’s game, and anything less just won’t be tolerated.

We can now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Let’s get back to some football!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Angela Davis