If the Monday night game of the Green Bay Packers vs the Seatlle Seahawks wasn’t enough proof that the replacement refs must go, nothing is!

The final call of the game, which decided the winner, blantantly exposed the inexperience of the refs. In my opinion the call was wrong and it should have been ruled an interception, not a touchdown. Even the referees weren’t sure. One referee is singaling an incomplete pass while the other is signaling a touchdown. With two referees clearly seeing things totally different, along with all the other bad calls over the past three weeks, it’s time for this madness to stop!


If you’re a fantasy football player then you’re VERY upset. Bad calls by referees or missed calls on penalties are changing the outcome of games. Football is the type of game where these calls matter and with almost one fourth of the season gone, we can’t keep this up!

The NFL and the NFLRA are locked in a bitter battle–with players and fans as collateral damage.

More importantly, the integrity of the game is suffering. With all the talk about safety amongst players, it’s imperative that bad hits, excessvie roughness, pass interference, facemask and other penalties NOT be missed. Players are now more vulnerable to injury.

New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick “man-handled” a referee trying to find out whether the game-winning field goal was under review, and while he shouldn’t have grabbed the referee, I truly understand his frustration.

The NFL’s belief that it could get comparable refs in the meantime is a complete and utter embarrassing failure. As Kevin Seifert of ESPN wrote:

“The NFL’s attempt to patch together a competent group of officials was destined to fail the moment that Division I college officials either declined or were prevented from joining the effort. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the NFL’s deep and nuanced rule book, not to mention the speed of the professional game, knew that recruiting low-level college officials, Arena League castoffs and Lingerie League part-timers was destined to fail at the highest level of the game.”

Amen Kevin!

Roger Goodell and  the NFLRA need to move fast to resolve this issue. Referees are a critical element to an NFL game and experience and competence is an integral part of their role. At this rate teams will be challenged to beat the opposing team AND the calls by the replacement refs!

Jersey Girl Sports is asking, no— demanding that this issue to be resolved. The replacement refs must go! if you agree, SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG, along with any comments. Then pass it along and share it with friends.

If this isn’t resolved soon, I think the next “Bounty-Gate” will be on the replacement refs.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis