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The public response to Jim Irsay is full of hypocrisy and double-standards

The public response to Jim Irsay is full of hypocrisy and double-standards

He’s a thug! He’s a criminal! He’s an idiot! He should be kicked off the team!  These are the comments that usually follow a story that surrounds a pro athlete arrested for illegal activity like a DUI and/or drugs. The public is outraged, shaking their fingers and shaking their heads at these “irresponsible players whose attitude of entitlement makes them think they’re above the law”. Let’s compare that to the recent response to Jim Irsay. From USA Today Sports the headline reads:

Jim Irsay is fighting for his life, he needs help

The opening paragraph in the article reads:

In a twisted way, Jim Irsay’s friends have been praying for this day. They’ve been praying for the day when he’d reach rock bottom and be forced to come to terms with a drug problem that he’s battled for some time.   “He’s a sick, sick man,” one source told me. “He desperately needs help.”

 The writer, who seems sympathetic to Irsay’s plight went on to talk about Irsay’s “genetic predisposition” to addiction– WHAT!!!

He has two big problems, besides the obvious drug issue: He’s crazy rich and he has lots of free time. That is a dangerous cocktail for a man with a genetic predisposition to substance abuse.

So I guess the wrter is also a geneticist.

\AND finally…he’s not a thug– no! He’s just “troubled”. 

That doesn’t make him a bad man, just a troubled one, one who has been in and out of rehab on multiple occasions, one who needs to get himself some help again if he wants to be alive for the Colts’ next Super Bowl.

The level of hypocrisy is at an all-time high!! I don’t see any “thug” commentary. I don’t see them using his obvious  history of serious offenses as an illustration of his “thug-life”. Instead, it’s used to illustrate the “battle” he’s fighting. He is, after all, a good man.


Jim Irsay has been treated with kid gloves and this story is just one of many examples of the double-standard. All the people who call pro-athletes “thugs” but embrace Irsay with support should shut up NEVER make any comments about pro-athletes unless they can extend the same level of support (and excuses) they extended to Jim Irsay. The owners should uphold and maintain a standard they expect players to abide by. 

That being said, I do believe Irsay has a serious problem and I hope he does get help. He has some serious issues to deal with and I’m glad he has the support of family and friends. Even he acknowledged that on Twitter: (from

Deepest thx to family, friends, fans, colleagues for the messages of support, thoughts and prayers. Impossible to tell u how much this means

Going forward I expect this same level of concern and empathy. The PR campaign to make Irsay look like a victim and players look like demons doesn’t sit well with me. As I see it, they’re all the same. 
So let’s give pro-athletes a hug when they make mistakes too.
What do you think?
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
~Angela Davis

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