(Audio) The Rookie Commandments: 10 Rules For A Successful Pro Sports Career

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport There's an excitement in the air was we get ready for the 2017 NFL Draft. Football fans are curiously waiting to to see how their teams will deliver this season. Rookies are anxiously awaiting that moment to prove themselves as they start to live their pro sports dreams. OK. Take off the rose-colored glasses. When the celebrations are over and the lights are turned off, it's back to business as usual. Yes, sports is a business and thinking of it any other way can and will lead to a short career, financial ruin and a dream turned into a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are things rookies can do to try and prevent some of these pitfalls. To that, Jersey Girl Sports has teamed up with Brian Freeman of The Sports Lounge Show to create the Rookie Commandments. These are the ten rules we believe, if followed, can help to ensure a successful professional sports career: (Click on the commandment and listen) Open and Commandment 1 I.  Thou Shalt Treat Yourself As A Business Commandment 2 II.  Thou Shalt Make Hires In This Order: Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Publicist, Agent Commandment 3 III. Thou Shalt Learn How To Manage Social Media Commandment 4 IV. Thou Shalt Remember: If You Haven't Touched Her, She Isn't Real Commandment 5 V.  Thou Shalt Strive For Wealth, Not Riches Commandment 6 VI. Thou Shalt Listen To The People Who Tell You 'No' Commandment 7 VII. Thou Shalt Believe In Something Bigger Than Yourself Commandment 8 VIII. Thou Shalt Seek Wisdom From A Veteran Commandment 9 IX. Thou Shalt Befriend The "Little Guy" Commandment 10 and close X. Thou Shalt Have Fun These rules are simple, easy and, if followed, can help rookies have solid careers. I can never say it enough--sports is a business.  Game on.    

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