The sports stories you didn’t see because of the drama in the NFL

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With the NFL dominating most of the sports news this past week, there were other sports news stories that were reported but got overshadowed by all the NFL drama. Here's a list of sports hot topics or stories you may have missed - (click on the headline to get the full story) 1. Oscar Pistorius Convicted of Culpable Homicide - Remember him? He's the Olympian who shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp in the early morning hours of Valentine's Day 2013. He was found not guilty of premeditated murder but guilty of culpable homicide. His sentencing has yet to be determined. 2. High School Football Coach Suspends ENTIRE Team - This was our 'feel good' story of the week. When a local Utah high school football team decided to engage in bad behavior off the field, the coach went to extreme measure to teach them a life lesson. This story is AWESOME! 3. Being A Sports Fan Is Good For Your Health - Really! It's true! Check out the top reasons why being a sports fan will help you live longer. REALLY!! 4. Mayweather Apologizes For Comments About Ray Rice Issue Open mouth, insert foot. Boxer Floyd Mayweather had to retract and apologize for comments he made about the Ray Rice incident. Check out what he said!  5. The NFL's Most Cursed Franchises Some NFL teams just can't catch a break! You know who they are. They were the team to beat in their heyday, and nowadays they can barely make the playoffs. Check out this list of the NFL's most cursed teams!  Thanks to Jersey Girlfriend, Vanessa Castro for this pretty accurate blog! Jersey Girl Sports fam, there's sure to be MORE NFL news. In fact, the week ended with more drama when Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson was arrested for injury to child  after disciplining his son with a switch. Have mercy!! One can only hope for a slower week. In the meantime, stay checked in with us. We've got what you need! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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