The verdict is in on Adam “Pacman” Jones: Not Guilty! (Video)

Usually when Adam "Pacman" Jones comes out of a courtroom he is not smiling, but now things are different. Yesterday the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault against a woman outside of a nightclub, and it was probably the surveillance video that saved him. The attorney for the Jones argued that Jones was acting in self-defense because, as the video shows, she assaulted him first by throwing a beer bottle at him. Prosecutors countered by saying Jones started it by calling the woman and her friends, "fat and ugly". The judge didn't agree, siding with Jones. You can't assault people because you don't like what they say. Still, Jones needs to lay low for a while. He needs to not be a part of the justice system anymore. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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