“They Ain’t About This Life” — Top 5 reasons why the Patriots released Ochocinco

Thursday, June 7th, 20102

It's official! Ochocinco is no longer a New England Patriot. The team released him today, sometime after he had a personal appointment. With his lackluster performance last year, we're not really surprised, however, we certainly expected at least another year of play. It was said that they tried to trade him and was unsuccessful. Does that mean no other teams want him? And what exactly were the factors that led to this decision? We don't know, but we think we got it:the top 5 reasons he's in the unemployment line: 1. Too much reality TV ---The Patriots are a little more conservative than most teams and with his pending new reality show with finance Evelyn of Basketball Wives, I don't think the team wanted to be bothered with another "celebrity". They have Brady for that. 2. He is in the remedial class -- He just can't seem to learn the Patriots' play routes and as such found himself in "New York" on the field, while the rest of the team was in "California." After all this time, he's expected to learn and know the plays. Perhaps he should have stayed off social media and spend his time studying. 3. Too much social media --Conservative teams also don't care for EXTRA public interaction--but not Ochocinco. He loves attention and seeks it out. Perhaps he should have spend his time studying instead of tweeting. 4. T.O. Virus -- T.O. may have given Ochocinco an ego virus that just doesn't sit well with the Pats management. When you're struggling with a team, it's best to lay low, learn, deliver and THEN let your ego shine. 5. They "ain't about this life" -- In the words of Ochocinco's fiance, Evelyn, it seems the Pats don't really deal with the drama, the unnecessary, the irrelevant, the unproductive and unlearned. Yep, this is football and anything else just doesn't fit. With his pending wedding I sure hope Chad Johnson (that's what we'll call him until he's back with a team) starts living on a budget. Hopefully he'll get picked up by a team because he's at that pivotal age where teams may not take a chance, and with rumors of their failure to trade him, this may be the beginning of the end of his playing career. The truth is, when it comes to football, he may not "be about this life". Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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