Tim Tebow…now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while, but seems that the name is going to surfacing more in the upcoming months.

According to various sources, three, that’s right, three networks are in a bidding war over the former NFL quarterback. ESPN’s SEC Network, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports are all vying to have Tebow be a college football TV analyst next year for their network. This makes so much sense, and ESPN could be the front-runner with sources saying they already have a show for the former Florida quarterback. 

One reason the SEC Network is courting so hard is because it seems that the new network completely devoted to SEC sports is running into pickup problems from cable providers the same way Fox Sports 1 did before its launch in August. There’s a thought that having Tebow—one of the most popular athletes in the country—as the face of the network might alleviate some of those issues.

We all know that Tebow tanked as an NFL quarterback, let’s see if this new role could be the one that he rides off into the sunset. 

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English


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