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Tiger Woods’ Ex Demolishes the Former Couples $12 Million Mansion

One way to forgot about your ex and all the women that he had in the house that the two of you shared is to level it down to the sand. Tiger Woods’ ex- Elin Woods did just that when she was told about a serious termite problem in the house.

According to People magazine the 1920s-era mansion that Tiger and Elin lived in fell short of current hurricane safety codes and combined with a termite infestation, I guess it was cheaper to knock it down…yeah right!

But before the mansion was leveled Elin reached out to a local Habitat for Humanity chapter and made an offer that they could come and take whatever they wanted from the mansion before it was demolished.

The crazy thing is that the new mansion is going to look just like the old one with nine bedrooms, two kitchens, two Jacuzzis, a pool cabana and a three-bedroom guest house.

Here’s a picture of the before…

Really Elin, did you have to level the house?!?!? I’m sure the Orkin Man or Terminex could have helped with the terminate problem.

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English

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