Hank Haney, former swing coach for Tiger Woods is set to release a book in the spring, The Big Miss that talks about his years coaching Tiger Woods.

“I get asked all the time about Tiger, what it was like to work with him,” Haney said. “I felt like I had a front row seat to golf history. It just kind of chronicles a little bit of what I went through, what I dealt with, how I coached and the observations I made.”

Haney began working with Tiger Woods and they parted ways in 2010, after Tiger’s return following a five month hiatus to deal with his sex scandal.  Haney was the second of three coaches Tiger Woods used, but he experienced the most critical times of Tiger’s career, but that’s not the interesting part.

He never signed a non-disclosure agreement.

“I didn’t even have a contract,” he said—although he said the book was not intended to “take jabs at anyone.”

And what about the title of the book. What does that mean?

“It has multiple meanings,” Haney said. “`The Big Miss’ was golf jargon. The big miss of a drive, obviously that’s been part of his game. The big miss of an opportunity? That’s really where we got the idea. It was a missed opportunity that Tiger and I had that we experienced working together. That all comes out in the book.”

Overall Haney things the book is fair and he thinks that Tiger would agree.

“If he reads it, I don’t think it will be a book that bothers him. It’s hard to say,” Haney said. “Anybody who reads it will think it’s interesting, very fair and honest, and that’s what I wanted to do. I was on that job for six years. There were 110 days a year I was with him. I stayed at his house for close to 30 days a year. You make a lot of observations.”

And what about the uhhh….scandal?

“It’s something you can’t NOT talk about it,” Haney said. “My last tournament was the Masters, and that was his first tournament back from the scandal. I didn’t know anything about the girls. That’s not something I could specifically comment on. Everything I comment on is what I observed and the facts I knew. I didn’t know anything about that. But I did know about how he interacted with me about that, what my observations were and other areas in terms of how I dealt with and the aftermath.”

Well this should be very interesting. I actually want to review the book and read what he observed about Tiger Woods. Maybe his observations about Tiger “the golfer” will help us understand Tiger Woods “the man”. There’s no doubt in my mind he got an inside, intimate look into Tiger Woods that will perhaps improve Tiger’s public persona.

Perhaps we’ll read about a man. A human being: talented, driven and flawed.

Just like the rest of us.

“It was an incredible opportunity,” Haney said. “We had a great run and I enjoyed it, but a lot of things happened in six years that made it feel a little longer. I had a lot of great observations from being in the position I was in.”

The book is scheduled for release March 27th. One week before the Masters.

Let’s hope this is not one of those dishes Tiger gets served cold.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis



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