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Tiger Woods Is Not Happy About Hank Haney’s Book

Tiger Woods expressed his disappointment in The Big Miss a book by Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney that reveals Haney’s observations during his tenure with Tiger Woods.

In an interview with ESPN he said:

I think it’s unprofessional and very disappointing, especially because it’s someone I worked with and trusted as a friend.”

In a tweet, Haney says the book is a fair and accurate portrayal of his time with Woods and he believes readers will understand that:

“The Big Miss is golf history. I observed greatestness and am asked about it all the time. I wanted to share it in a fair and honest way.”

Tiger Woods believes this book has nothing to do with honest observation, and that something bigger is in play:

“There have been other one-sided books about me, and I think people understand that this book is about money. I’m not going to waste my time reading it…that is what I alluded to earlier,” he said. “I just think this book is very self-serving.”

And Tiger may have a point. This book is set to be released one week before the Masters. Certainly the timing isn’t coincidental, and we can all agree that the way in which they parted ways was less than friendly, making us wonder what is the real reason behind this book.

Then again, with all that Tiger has done, he might have this one coming.

Perhpas the bigger game in play here is Karma.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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