Jersey Girl Sports fans, think for a second what it must be like to live on top of the world. To be admired and beheld to the point of worship, worth more than some companies and considered not only an inspiration but an icon, and that’s just the cake. The cherry on top is a beautiful family and the ultimate respect.

THAT was the life of Tiger Woods. Then one night, a car crash, a tree and a golf club sent his life into a downward spiral—all to be played out on national television.

What made is worse was Tiger’s arrogance and lies. His initial response to the media was to scold them for what he called “untruths”. Then, about eight women later, he had to confess his numerous indiscretions and face a world of speculation, judgment and ridicule. Then, true to Hollywood form his position moved to I’m-really-a-victim-it’s not-my-fault-I-have-a-problem-so-I-won’t-take-responsibility, and he was off to “rehab” for sex addiction.

Still, we expected him to play golf.

And he did, about a year later. He returned, not up to par (pun intended) but still, he was Tiger Woods. He had to win, right?

But something wasn’t right.

The fire we once loved and saw was somehow not as hot. The passion we embraced wasn’t as strong. We love our heroes, even more sore when they have fatal flaws and triumph in spite of them; but this wasn’t Tiger. He wasn’t winning. Karma seemed to be coming back with a vengeance.  He dropped in rank, and this week he said he won’t be returning to golf until he’s 100% healed, physically. I think his mental health is also in need of rehabilitation.

He is after all, human.

Tiger needs this time. To let his body recover, and let his mind reflect, remember and reclaim his place as arguably the best golfers of all time. Who knows, maybe he’ll pursue a serious relationship!

Whatever he does, Tiger’s retreat is necessary. Anybody who’s ever played golf knows it’s a mental game as it is a physical one.  I think he still struggles with forgiving himself. I think he still struggles with who he really is. I think he is coming to understand what it means to be a man and is struggling with his growing pains.

We’ll never see him as we once did. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Tiger is learning that nothing changes until something changes—and that’s the sweet spot.

Your JGF,