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Tiger Woods reportedly wants ex-wife Elin Nordegren back

Tiger Woods reportedly wants ex-wife Elin Nordegren back

Rumors are running rampant that cheater….er…golf great, Tiger Woods has proposed to ex-wife, Elin Nordgren.

In fact, Woods is reported to be so desperate to get Elin back that he has offered her a $200 million pre-nup. Wow! Jersey Girl Sports fam, my auntie was right…Karma is a b***h and apparently a rich one at that.

I ain’t mad at’cha Elin! This would be a nice bonus in addition to the $110 million she received in her divorce settlement from Tiger.

Money however isn’t everything, and it most certainly can’t buy happiness or trust, just a few more golf clubs.

I think Elin is in a good place, looking great and should keep moving forward.

Sure Tiger might be lonely now, missing his children Samantha (5) and Charlie (3), and feeling some regret and remorse but even with all of the money he is promising would you really want to go there again?? Really??

I hope Elin gets a little pleasure in looking and feeling good and having Tiger hoping and wishing; she deserves that after that after the humiliation and embarrassment. But then I want her to get back to reality, because if a man has to draw up a contract with millions of dollars to ensure that he doesn’t cheat, there is a problem especially to a man that doesn’t have to worry about money– and there are always lawyers and loopholes

Jersey Girl Sports fam, is the money worth it? Can a serial cheater change?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Tatia Harris

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