Tiger Woods suing website over nude photos hacked from Lindsey Vonn’s phone

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam if you want to see what Tiger Woods looks like nude you better hurry up and take a peek because he's going after the site for posting the pics. He's suing the site Celeb Jihad for posting graphic selfies he sent to former girlfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn. Apparently Vonn's phone was hacked and the pics, sent to Vonn while they were dating, were taken and posted on the site. The hacker took nude photos of Vonn too. 
It is an outrageous and despicable invasion of privacy for anyone to steal and illegally publish private intimate photos," a rep forVonn told The Big Lead. Lindsey will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect and enforce her rights and interests." She believes the individuals responsible for hacking her private photos as well as the websites that encourage this detestable conduct should be prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law."
The person responsible, if found guilty, will likely serve time in federal prison. In the meantime both Woods and Vonn have attorneys who are going after the website for damages. The real question is why Lindsey Vonn still has the nude pics of Tiger Woods in her phone. Just saying...

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