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Tim Tebow Finally Has A Job Offer…Probably Not The One He Wants

Tim Tebow Finally Has A Job Offer…Probably Not The One He Wants

Football players know if they can’t make it in the NFL, then the Arena League is always a viable option, that was true for T.O. and maybe now for Tim Tebow.

The Los Angeles Arena Football team owned by the heavy-metal band KISS announced on Monday that they made a three-year offer to Tebow to be a part of their team as quaterback.

“Tim Tebow is one of the most recognized and respected athletes in sport,” Paul Stanley of KISS said in a news release. “His joining us would mean great things for his fans and for our team, especially from a business standpoint. His credibility within the sports arena is paramount and with our commitment to bringing football without compromise back to [Los Angeles], we’re excited to see how this offer turns out.”

Besides the off-the-field star power that Tebow has, Brett Bouchy, one of the non-KISS co-owners, made an excellent assessment. Bouchy says the team “is the best place for Tim to refine his skills and gain valuable repetitions.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Bouchy, Tebow’s skill-set can’t go anywhere but up. We’ll keep you updated on whether Tebow takes the job.

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