I NEVER like to say “I told you so!” but “I told you so!”

According to reports free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens was hospitalized last week in L.A. for a possible prescription pill overdose.

Wow…doesn’t this sound similar, oh yeah, remember back when T.O. was with the Dallas Cowboys back in 2006, he was hospitalized after overdosing on the pain killer hydrocodone.

For all the people who told me that after that incident that I was mistaken, T.O. has made a fool out of you. When the crazy looking publicist had the press conference the morning after the suicide attempt #1, that should have been your red flag.

Where is Kita and Mo when you need them?

According to the report, T.O. was rushed to the hospital by ambulance Thursday night after a 911 call reported a possible overdose at an apartment where the football player was staying. It’s said that T.O. was already en route to the hospital.

Now that is the part that escapes me, if he had overdosed, how in the hell is he getting to the hospital? I’m just saying.

Again…where is Kita and Mo?

So let’s recap…he has no job, is paying at least one of his baby mamma’s $5ooo for child support, has no job, has a struggling reality show, and did I say has no job. T.O. has taken his phrase, ‘get your popcorn ready’ to a whole new level.

In all honesty, depression is a serious thing and I hope that he stops trying to cover this up and get some real help.

And no, Kita and Mo can not help you!

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English