Tony Gonzalez is staying with the Falcons; Tweets his excitement

We sort-of knew Tony Gonzalez wasn't going to retire. After coming so close to going to the Super Bowl and with another great shot at a championship, it seems the future Hall-of-Famer will be with the Atlanta Falcons for another season. He tweeted his decision with the following posts:

Tony Gonzalez @TonyGonzalez88 "I'm happy to say that after speaking with my family, I'm coming back"

Tony Gonzalez @TonyGonzalez88

"The lure of being on such a great team and organization, along with

unbelievable fan support was too good to pass up."

Tony Gonzalez @TonyGonzalez88 "We have a great shot to get to the Super Bowl, RISE UP ATLANTA!"

The Atlanta Falcons can breathe a sigh of relief--at least for now. They have much to work on and improve if they plan on making it to another NFC Championship game.

But having Tony Gonzalez in your corner definitely helps.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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