That’s right the Boys of Summer are BACK!

Baseball season kicks off this week and ladies you have got to be prepared. The days of just knowing that A-Rod is a hottie, or that someone hit a homerun, or who’s dating who are over. Ladies I need you to know a little bit more about what’s going on in the game, and if your guy is into baseball these terms can definitely help you hit a ‘glam slam’ in the relationship department.

So get out your pen and pad, take notes because class is in session…

ACEHe is the best pitcher for the team; he’s the one that the team knows can get the job done. Think of this like your best friend or the guy that you are current dating. Knowing what you bring to the table you know these people will help you score ever time.

AROUND the HORN – No I’m not talking about the show on ESPN. This is when one team hits a ground ball to the third baseman, who then throws to second base, and who then throws to first base to complete a double play.

SWEET SPOT – Ok this can be taken so many different ways, so get your mind out the gutter, we’re talking about baseball here. FOCUS! A sweet spot is the best part of the bat where the hitter knows the ball will travel the furthest. See I told you to get your mind out the gutter.

ERROR –I’m not taking when you spilled coffee on your favorite white shirt on your way to work yesterday. This baseball casualty is a defensive mistake that allows a batter to stay at the plate or reach first base, or that advances a base runner. If the other team scores off this error trust me it’s going to be rough time when the team returns to the dugout.

INNING – Now if you don’t understand any other term, I’m going to want you to at least walk away knowing what an inning is. The inning is the time play during the game. There are 9 innings in a regulation game, each team bats in an inning until they record 3 outs. The visiting team always bats in the top half (beginning) of an inning. If the home team has a higher total after their opponents bat in the top half of the last schedule inning, the bottom half of the inning is not played and the score is final. A tie at the end of regulation play forces extra innings. The game continues until an inning is complete and the visitors have a higher score, or until the home team breaks the tie (then) they don’t complete the 3 outs. If you need to read this again for complete understanding, do so! You need to at least know and understand what an inning is.

DIAMOND – Ahhh…yes, every girl’s dream…a diamond. Mine actually comes from Tiffany’s with a cushion cut set in platinum with a carat weight of about 3.5. But, in baseball a diamond is referred to as the infield playing surface. Not as exciting or sparkly, but nonetheless just as important to seal the deal.

RUN BATTER IN (RBI) – Every man needs a measuring stick to show how helpful he’s being he’s being (or not being!). So in baseball that measuring stick is done with the RBI. This is the stats which shows how often a player has made it possible for his/her team mates to score while at bat. A player who has 30 RBI’s has caused 30 runs to be score. A batter is not credited with an RBI if he hits into a double play or if the run is scored because of an error.

UNCLE CHARLIE – No this not your drunk uncle who always has too much at the family cookouts, but just a cute term for a curve ball. Nothing too significant, I just really liked the name J

TRIPLE – Any other time I would tell you to say away from the triple scoops of ice cream, but in baseball this is a good thing. This is a hit enabling the batter to safely reach third base. See getting to third base can be a good place to be.

SHORTSTOP – This is not the short man who’s trying to buy you a drink at the bar, but he’s the defensive player positioned between second and third bases. And so you don’t embarrass yourself, he’s not short.

GRAND SLAM – This is the one that will definitely get you a highlight on ESPN. This is when a home run is hit with a runner on every base, which scores 4 runs. You get fireworks, your teammates lift you up in the air, and essentially you are the man, at least for the night.