Top 3 Reasons You Should Still Go To Baseball Games

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport It's Spring and that means that the MLB season is in full effect. There are countless number of games, and this time of year is great for sports fans who get a bit of baseball, basketball, NASCAR, hockey and golf. If you're not a big baseball fan, that's OK. I'll agree that America's favorite pastime is actually football, but you should still go to baseball games. Here are the top five reasons why baseball is still a good idea:
  1. Baseball Is Tradition - Baseball really is as American as apple pie. It's still a good idea for a nice day or a family night out. Baseball is a fun time with friends and co-wokers and it's a sports tradition we must keep.
  2. Baseball Is Good For Single People - Baseball is perfect for a girl's night out, especially if you're single. Why? Well, there always a nice group of men hanging out at the game, and what better way to meet a guy than in a neutral environment like a game? Baseball made our list of best sports for a date, so single ladies--get in formation and go!
  3. Baseball Is Fun - Yes, it's not as fast as football, but a good game can be a good time. If the announcers and people you're will love the game and the comaraderie you'll enjoy yourself.
Chances are you're already planning to go to an MLB game, and if you're looking to hang out with friends, family or a date, don't forget about baseball. It's worth it.  

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