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Top 5 beauty tricks every woman should know (and do)


Jersey Girls the spring has ushered itself in early and with that comes alot of outings and sporting events. We want to look our best, and we’re under alot of pressure to stay young and beautiful. Every ad, every product and the front page of every magazine reminds us of this impossible feat, yet admonishes us to keep trying.

And we do.

While time cannot be stopped or even paused the visible effects of time can be diminished–we just need more time to do it. Unless you have a million dollar account (and plastic and cosmetic surgeons)  like the celebrity women we admire, we have to use these everyday tools to fight the “good fight”.

Here are the top 5 beauty tricks you should know:

1.  Water, water, water!!: This is essesntial if you want beautiful skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is the first step to looking younger. Real beauty really does start on the inside.

2.  Exfoliate: Dead skin cells accumulate amongst the beating our skin takes in the day-t0-day elements. Exfoliating removes these dead, dull skin cells to reveal skin that is vibrant and renewed. The stimulating action also encourages cell regeneration.

3.  Moisturize: It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry, or combination skin because all skin types require moisturizing. Make sure your moisturizer is appropriate for your skin type and that you do it day and night.

4.  The “Fantastic 4”: powder, mascara, blush, gloss: This is the five minute make-over for women on the go. If you’re not into wearing a full face of makeup or if you don’t have time, applying this fantastic four will give you a complete look in minutes! Powder smooths the skin, blush brings color and depth to your face, mascara accentuates the eyes and gloss finishes the look. This combination can be found in make-up kits with coordinated color palettes.

5.  Stress-less: Nothing ages you faster than stress, and while this is easier said than done, it is essential to keep your stress levels down. Yoga, pilates, massages and exercise are perfect ways to reduce stress. When life happens, it usually shows up in your face first.

Jersey Girls, we know we cannot stop aging, but we can do it gracefully. At the end of the day it shouldn’t be about looking younger. It should be about looking better!

Your JGF,

Angela Davis

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