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Top 5 Game Day Styles For The Sportsnista

 (NFL gear from Victoria’s Secret )

Jersey Girls, when you see most game-day fashions you typically see jeans, a jersey or team shirt and sneakers or tennis shoes.

Blah! That’s sooo 1990’s!

We’ve come a long way baby, and even though there’s now team more team jerseys and apparel for women, they still don’t speak to your inner “sportsnista”. Whether you like a traditional look with jeans and a shirt or rock it out with a cropped faux fur jacket, you can rep your teams without always having to wear a jersey. So, we’ve got the Top 5 Sportsnista Styles for Jersey Girls:

1/ Traditional: You’re the girl with the no-fuss style. You’re focused on the game and your style reflects that attitude. We see you in jeans, a jersey or team apparel and sneakers/tennis shoes. Wanna add a little spice to this look? Rock skinny jeans or get a team shirt that’s a sexy v-neck.

Tanks by Touch,  Alyssa Milano

2/ Sexy: You’re the Jersey Girl turning heads at concessions. Why? Well, your sportsnista style is edgy and fierce just like you. You’re rocking leggings, a tunic-type jersey, and heels! Yes—heels! Wanna get more comfortable and stay sexy? Try wedge heels, jean skirts and comfortable boots.

wedge boots from

3/ Trendy: You are the Jersey Girl who’s always ahead of the fashion curve. What’s hot, what’s now—that’s you! You keep up with the fashion trends no matter where you go. Wanna stay trendy and unique? Add an accessory like a belt or cute handbag to make the current trend your own.

INC Faux Fur Vest from Macy’s

4/ Sporty: This is for the Jersey Girl taking the traditional look to the next level. Yeah, you have on Jeans, but you probably have on a long-sleeved or ¾ length tee, or maybe a button-up shirt, or V-neck sweater with a cute jacket. This sporty look is great for meeting your guy at the sports bar or the tailgate and even hanging out after the game. Rock it out with wedge heels or boots or a cute pair of flats.

Hudson Jeans from Nordstrom

5/ Classy: This looks works best for the career Jersey Girls who head to the sports bar or a friend’s house to catch the game right after work.  Casual pants, a fitted sweater dress, a long cardigan— they work well to complete this look that fits right in with other sports enthusiasts.

cardigan from Old Navy

So you see, how you represent your team is really up to you. Like any Jersey Girl, your style is as unique as you. No matter what style you wear, you’re a jersey girl:

~A woman who likes sports; a woman who embraces sports as a part of her lifestyle; the sexy woman who  can enjoy a game as much as any man, just with better shoes!

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Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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