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Top 5 life lessons to learn from the Auburn – Alabama game

Top 5 life lessons to learn from the Auburn – Alabama game

We’ll never forget the Auburn – Alabama game. That last second finish which gave Auburn the win is probably THE best finish of a football game, college or pro, all season. When I watched the game I got chills. It’s the beauty in sports, these moments, that make the games spectacular. I was screaming and yelling and I’m not even an Auburn fan! Even an Alabama fan can appreciate this kind of magic.

In the middle of watching the replay, it occurred to me that there are some amazing life lessons we can all take away from this game. Here’s my top 5:

1. Never Give Up: If this game screams nothing else, it screams this life lesson. With one second left on the clock Auburn could have given up. They could have decided that they didn’t have any chance for a win. Instead, they decided to finish strong and not give up until the last play was over. We should all be like this. Whatever your dreams are, and whatever your life’s purpose is, don’t let setbacks discourage you. Keep the faith and keep moving forward. NEVER GIVE UP!

2. No Matter What It Looks Like, You Still Have A Chance: What have you always wanted to do? Whatever it is, there is still an opportunity to win. No matter what your situation looks like, if you’re alive, you still have a chance at success. Go for it.

3. You Can’t Win Alone: While the focus on the Auburn win was on Chris Davis and his 109-yard run, the truth is that were it not for the blocks along the way, he wouldn’t have been able to get to the end zone. It took a team effort to win and it will take a team effort for you to win. Surround yourself with people who support you, who encourage you and who will make blocks for you when the road to success gets hard.

4. One Second Can Change Your Life: It’s that chance meeting, or that one-second split decision that can ultimately change your course and propel you into your destiny. It did for Auburn. The lesson here is to embrace the moment of “right now” and to be conscious and aware of your decisions. They can dramatically impact your life.

5. Be Fearless: Fear is a cancer that will stifle you. It will prevent you from making good decisions, from taking risks, and ultimately it will steal your future. Fear robs you of self-confidence and will make you insecure. Auburn could have decided to submit to fear, but instead they decided to move in faith. You can be faithful or fearful. Both require you to believe in something you cannot see. You decide.

What an AMAZING game! I am STILL watching the replay and I learn a little more about life every time I do. No matter what side of the ball you were rooting for, if you take the life lessons from this game, you’ll come out a winner.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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