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Top 5 life lessons we can learn from Ray Lewis

Top 5 life lessons we can learn from Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a interesting complication of success, fame, controversy, and resilience. Now, he’s a Super Bowl XLVII champion with a legacy of leadership and inspiration that will stay with the Baltimore Ravens and their fans forever. However you may feel about Ray Lewis we can take a look at his life and learn a few things. Here’s the top 5 life lessons we can learn:

1.  How you start in life doesn’t determine how you finish: Ray Lewis was born to a teenage mother. His early childhood life was unstable and he was exposed to domestic violence seeing his mother’s bruises from men who hit her. Now, his mother is well provided for and he has reunited with his absent father. What seemed hopeless is now joy as he celebrates a milestone in his life.

2.  Leadership is a mark of success: There’s an adage which states: If nobody is following you you’re not leading–you’re just taking a walk. This is true. In Lewis’ case, he was a leader. He spent his entire career with the Ravens and is the last of the original franchise members. The owners and coaches told him that it was “his team”. Lewis took the charge and decided to be a leader, not just training athletes but grooming men.

3.  There will always be people who will remind you of your past–succeed anyway: Whenever you achieve greatness there will always be people who will remind you of your past. Keep moving forward. When a person doesn’t see or believe in their own success they can only relate to mistakes and failures. People will always speak about the murder trial Ray Lewis was involved in. Some will never forgive. Ray Lewis has moved on.

4.  Humility will lift you: One of the best qualities about Ray Lewis is his faith. His spirituality is a huge part of   who he is now, and it is in this humility that he acknowledges God and gives God credit for his success. His  humility is what lifts him in the public eye, and it is what makes him well respected.

5.  Your worst can be for the best: Ray Lewis came from humble beginnings and made poor choices early in life. However, these mistakes and failures have become the hallmark of the goodness he shares. Through his charitable work and his “big brother” role within the Ravens organization, Lewis is able to take the dark moments in his life and use it as a light to others.

You can call him a hypocrite, a liar, or a fraud, but it cannot be denied that Ray Lewis has a dominant presence and impact on the Baltimore Ravens team.

The Super Bowl XLVII champion Baltimore Ravens.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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