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Top 5 reasons why men who love sports make better boyfriends — and husbands!

Top 5 reasons why men who love sports make better boyfriends — and husbands!

As a woman who likes sports, I find it unimaginable that a man wouldn’t like sports. The energy, excitement and thrill of the competition are just amazing to me. As a single woman I can’t imaging dating– let alone marrying a man who doesn’t enjoy sports. While there are some good guys who don’t care about ‘football Sunday’s’, in my opinion, men who like sports make better husband’s and boyfriends. Here’s the top 5 reasons why:

1. They are more passionate: A man who can embrace the tense build-up of last second plays and unbelievable feats of athleticism, seems to be more passionate overall. They allow the energy and excitement to spill over in other areas of their life.

2. They tend to be more sociable: Men who like sports seem to be just more fun overall. You can take them to corporate events or just hanging out with friends or family. If you’re single, the sports bar is a great place to meet guys, because a conversation around sports is a good ice-breaker. Whether they’re dressed up or dressed down men who like sports are a great compliment to a fun evening.

3. They make the relationship more fun: Make a bet against his team and if you win you get a day at the spa. If he wins, he gets breakfast in bed for a week! These are just some of the fun ways you can incorporate sports into your relationship. Men who like sports are all in for this type of competition, plus it spices up your love life!

4. They understand the importance of sports for children: Men who like sports tend to want to engage their children in sports. They understand the  nuances of competition and the culture of team sports. They make great coaches and often give valuable insight for kids learning to play. They help their children foster good character when they lose and help their children develop the discipline needed to win.

5. They tend to be healthier: Men who enjoy sports also tend to embrace a healthy lifestyle. They are more prone to working out, participating in adult team sports and eating healthier. They are also more active. They will bike, hike, run, walk, and hit the gym consistently. 

For all the the men who don’t like sports, don’t be offended. You too may possess some of these qualities, but there’s just something about a man who likes sports. He’s just sexier. 

Take it from a Jersey Girl.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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