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Top 5 reasons why Patrick Ewing should get a shot as head coach of the Knicks

Top 5 reasons why Patrick Ewing should get a shot as head coach of the Knicks

Patrick Ewing is ready for basketball —coaching that is. The 51-year-old says he’s ready to take his former team to the next level. He has a challenge, though: Phil Jackson. Jackson seems to be recruiting other former Lakers players for the coaching position, and he may be missing the best untapped opportunity out there. 

Here’s the top 5 reasons why we thing Patrick Ewing should get a shot as head coach:

1. He’s been coaching since 2003: He’s been working as an assistant coach since 2003 and is currently the associate head coach for the Charlotte Hornets. He understands what it takes to lead players and win. 

2. He understands defense: While he has never played point guard, as a “big man” he understands defense, and quite frankly the Knicks need help on that front too.

3. He has an amazing resume: He’s a Hall-of-Famer for pete’s sake! He doesn’t need a ring to understand the game and coach. Charles Barkley doesn’t have a ring, and there’s isn’t a person on this planet who would say he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the game.

4. He would bring a unique perspective to coaching: As a big-man, he would bring a unique focus to defense and offense for that matter. In fact, the fact that he’s a big man is the reason Ewing feels he’s not taken seriously as a viable candidate:

“Yes, I think a lot of people do have a bias against big men. They don’t think that big men can do as good a job as point guards, I guess,” Ewing said. “They fail to realize that, yes, a point guard is the leader of the team on the offensive end, but the center is the leader of the team on the defensive end. We have to do the same thing on the defensive end that the guards do on the offensive end.”

5. He couldn’t be any worse that what they’ve had previously: I think passing over Ewing because he doesn’t have a “Lakers background” is a huge misstep. He can definitely learn the Phil Jackson “system” and because of his history with the team, I think he would bring a welcomed change in leadership in that position.

The NY Knicks are definitely looking to bring back or at least get back to their glory days. Phil Jackson was a good start, and I think Patrick Ewing would be another good move. If the Knicks are going looking to become great, sometimes they have to take what they would consider a risk. At this point, they don’t have very much to lose.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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