Top 5 Reasons why Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe are the undisputed truth in sports TV

by Angela Davis | @jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam, we love our sports TV. The various sports news shows, with the crazy, funny, insightful, zany and thought-provoking hosts keeps us watching day after day. These days my channel is set to FOX Sports 1 (FS1)--to watch Skip & Shannon: Undisputed. They are the best thing to happen to sports TV in a long time. When Skip Bayless left ESPN after being the co-host of ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith we weren't sure how he would land at FS1. When Shannon Sharpe was brought on the be the contending voice at the table, we held our breath...and waited. They were worth the wait. Here are the top five reasons why Skip & Shannon: Undisputed is now the best sports show on TV.
  1. They give thought-provoking conversation. It's not just that they scale and cover the varied topics in sports; it's that they go deeper. They aren't scared to talk about social issues, relationships, the impact of fans and how sports and/or fans impact society. Even better -- they aren't scared to speak out against the status quo.
2. They bring on amazing guests. They do a great job of bringing on guests who have a celebrity status, but can also contribute something important to the conversation. They always try and bring someone worth watching who's intriguing or entertaining. 3. They cover the usual topics in an interesting way. They really do talk about sports the way the fans do. That's really important. It makes them much more relatable and encourages viewers to be more engaged in the conversation. 4. They are passionate without being silly.  I like that Skip Bayless will get fired up about his Dallas Cowboys and that Shannon Sharpe likes to push back. Whatever they do, their passion doesn't seem silly or contrived. It looks real. It looks honest and it's a joy to watch. 5. They are a refreshing choice in sports TV: I like that they challenge ESPN to be better. For arguably far too long ESPN has dominated the sports entertainment and television space. FOX Sports 1 has really done a great job in assembling a team of talent that gives sports fans a nice variety of options in sports television. Jersey Girl Sports fam my DVR is set every day to this dynamic duo. Skip and Shannon: Undisputed is the undisputed truth.

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