Top 5 reasons why women who like sports make better girlfriends and wives

It's no secret (at least not to us) that women who like sports make better girlfriends and wives. It's true! I don't know of very many men who don't like any sports. Some may be more interested than others, but for the most part men are connected with and in-tune with the sports culture. So are some women. In fact 'Jersey Girls' make up about 50% of sports fans across the NFL, NASCAR, NBA and MLB. WE are the new face of sports and for any man into the game, having a woman who enjoys it equally will make your life that much better. Here's the top 5 reasons why: 1. Sports is no longer a relationship barrier: Ever hear of "football widows"? Yeah, those are the women who hate those dreaded 16 weeks (20 if you count the post season) when the NFL is in full effect. Sunday is a cursed day, not a blessed one. With Jersey Girls, Saturday's and Sunday's, for college and pro football respectively, make the weekend all the better. There's no more fighting about hanging with the guys on game day because she'll be with her Jersey Girlfriends (JGFs) watching the game too! Making bets on the game with fun or sexy prizes for the winner only adds to the excitement. With a Jersey Girl, sports make the relationship all the better. 2. Jersey Girls know the game and can SPEAK the game: Nothing is worse for a guy than to be with a girl who doesn't understand the game and then wants a tutorial during the game--UGGH! Jersey Girls know the game so they can speak the game! They will trash talk with you. You can be proud bringing her to game and the sports bar. She's the girl all the guys want to have. 3. Jersey Girls make better soccer moms - These women are dedicated to their children and they support their children's sports efforts. They make the best cheerleaders for the good games and support-givers for the bad ones. Jersey Girl soccer moms understand the life-lessons in sports and teach those to skills to their children. 4. Jersey Girls live healthier lifestyles Jersey Girls are active! They're in the gym, playing on a local kick-ball team or part of a tennis or running group. Being and staying active is a part of their lifestyle. 5. Jersey Girls are more fun! - You won't get any more ties for your birthday or socks for Christmas. With Jersey Girls, you can expect the best in sports memorabilia, your favorite player's jersey or tickets to see your favorite team. She "gets it"- that is, she understands that sports is more than just a game. It's a lifestyle. Hey--she's a Jersey Girl:
jersey girl (n.) ~ a woman who likes sports; who enjoys a game as much as any man--just with better shoes.
Every sports guy needs a Jersey Girl in his life.  Get one. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

Jersey Girl Sports is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the millions of women who like to watch sports. We present sports from the female perspective–the way we see it, how we talk about it and what we have to say about it. It’s sports on OUR terms. We can enjoy sports as much as any man, just with better shoes.

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