When the playoffs start, it’s like a whole NFL season begins. The energy changes. The game tempo changes and each play becomes more critical. There’s no second chance with the playoffs.

It’s win or go home.

That being said here are the five things you must know when watching the NFL Playoffs:

1. The playoffs are like a whole new season. Regular season stats mean nothing. — Coming in considering the skill of your team’s offense or strength of its defense will be detrimental to you when watching the game. When teams reach the playoffs, it’s all about the team who executes the best. That is the only thing that matters.

2. It’s not too late to be a Tim Tebow fan. – I know there are STILL some Tim Tebow doubters, but his wins cannot be denied! With Tim Tebow it’s not the game in front of him but the force behind him that’s worth considering. If he goes to Super Bowl XLVI, it will be historical–and a miracle!


3. If your team doesn’t win, accept it. Don’t be a hater. — It’s win or go home–period! If your team loses, all you can do is hope they make good choices in the draft and come back stronger next season. Spending the next few days berating the team who won won’t help. (Although it could make you feel a little better–at lease for a moment).


4. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed win. — As the adage states, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” So until the clock runs out and the game is called, you can’t call the win. The last play can be a game changer. Just ask Tim Tebow. 

5. It’s too late to switch teams. Decide and commit!– Don’t get this confused with rule  number two. That rule is about the player; this rule is about the team. If it doesn’t look good for your team, now is not the time to switch to the more “favored” team. If your team is still in the playoffs, STICK WITH IT! Changing teams is not even really allowed, however, the time to actually make a switch is in the regular season.


These rules are simple and easy to follow.

The NFL playoffs are here!

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis