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Top 5 social etiquette rules for watching the NFL playoffs

Top 5 social etiquette rules for watching the NFL playoffs

If you’ll be watching the NFL playoffs on Sunday, chances are you’re already a football fan. However, there will probably be some people at the viewing party or game who just don’t really know what’s going on. If that person is you—or if you’re just coming to like football here’s the top five rules to remember when you’re watching the game:

1.  Wear team apparel or team colors: It’s good to represent for the team you’re rooting for. If you don’t have a team the “hometown” team is a great start. Whatever you wear be cute, comfortable and yes, even a little sexy.

2.  Be ready for some trash talking: It’s the division playoffs, meaning the winners get to go to the Super Bowl. Even if your team isn’t playing there’s definitely going to be some trash-talking from the supporters of the other team you’re not rooting for. Don’t take it personal. It will end when the game is over.

3.  Don’t eat “heavy foods”: This is not Thanksgiving. Go light with appetizers like wings, sushi, chips, dips and light snacks. I’ll even permit a light salad, but stay away from the pot roast!

4.  You can talk during the commercials: This is not the Super Bowl so engage in good conversation. If you’re at the sports bar, try and spark up new conversations and meet new people.

5.  Have fun! Enjoy yourself! This is good time for good energy with good people. If you’re single, what a great way to meet men who like the game as much as you. Being a Jersey Girl is sexy!

Now you’re ready for some football—playoff style.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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