Top 5 Things You Can Learn From Your NCAA March Madness Bracket

Jersey Girl Sports fam, if you're anything like me, you're probably looking at your March Madness bracket shaking your head. If your bracket was a bust in the first, second or third round, and you haven't burned it to a crisp in madness --then it's probably still around somewhere, probably online as a pitiful reminder of how and why "seeding" teams in the NCAA is really futile. The upsets were, well---upsetting, and we're all now watching to see who will make it to the championship game. So, since your bracket won't get you the satisfaction you were looking for, you might as well learn something from it.  Here's the top five things you can learn from your 2015 March Madness bracket: 1.  Rankings Can't Determine Your Future: Like March Madness teams, we're all "ranked". Race, gender, class, and socioeconomic rankings are assigned to all of us. Those factors are used to determine many things such as future status and earning power. While these indicators can be used to predict behavior, they don't determine them. You are bigger than your circumstances and the first chapter of your life doesn't determine the ending.  2.  You Can't Win It Alone: Many teams are ranked on individual player performances, but the truth is basketball is a team sport. One good player doesn't make the team--and certainly doesn't win the game. It's the same thing in life. We all need someone. No matter how smart, talented or resourceful we are, we need other people in our lives to make it successful. Stay humble. Ask for help. You can't make it alone. 3. You Win Some, You Lose Some: Sports is the ultimate roller coaster. Some teams are "on it" some days, and then others days they may fall flat and lose. Isn't this just like life? We have good days and some bad days, but we are ALWAYS fighting for the win. Stay the course. A setback is a setup for a comeback. 4.  It's Just A Game: Sports is fun, and it can be serious, but let's be clear: we're not curing cancer with March Madness. We're enjoying a sport with some talented young men and women. In life, we have to know what's really important. Ask Jim Kelly. While I'm sure he's grateful for the life football has afforded him, I bet it's his relationships and time with his family and friends that matter the most. Knowing what really matters is half the battle.  5. Life Goes On: It's a simple mantra that packs a powerful punch. Many teams are out of the NCAA tournament, but it's OK. They'll just start rebuilding and preparing for next year. It's the same thing in life. Things happen and we're often blessed with another opportunity to make it better: it's called "tomorrow". So cut yourself some slack. You're human. You'll make mistakes, and chances are you'll get another shot at being better. One thing we do know about hard times: "this too shall pass". While your bracket my be a bust, and used for everything from kindling material to toilet paper (yeah, somebody actually posted that) know that there's always something to be learned in sports--even the NCAA bracket! It's more than just a game. Sports is a lifestyle. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis  

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