Top 5 ways to enjoy March Madness

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport It's that time of year again where all eyes are on college hoops! We love March Madness, mostly because it's a great transition from the NFL season. If this is your first year really trying to watch the games or stay connected, we've got the top 5 ways you can enjoy these next three weeks. 1. Complete a bracket Nothing gets you hyped about March Madness like completing your bracket. Putting your hoops analysis skills (and guessing) to the test  gives you buy-in to watch. 2. Join a group to compete with your bracket You've got your bracket completed, so why not put it up against your friends? Make it even more interesting by putting money on the line! Then, let the trash-talking begin! 3. Engage your significant other How about a spa weekend, a new pair of shoes or breakfast in bed? Competing with your significant other adds enough spice to the games and your relationship to make the next three weeks even more fun! 4. Make it a date night If you are with someone who is a diehard March Madness fan, take him out to watch the game! Spending time together with sports is a great way to grow your relationship. 5. Make it a girls' night out March Madness isn't just for men! The women like it too! So, meet up with your girls and enjoy a night out with the game! I would caution you to be prepared for the upset in the first and second rounds, and you can expect that the analysts have gotten at least one team completely wrong and overlooked another 'sleeper' team that will surprise you. It's OK. It's par for the course. So, get ready to get mad--cuz the games are coming!

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