The start of the NFL season is less than a couple of days away, and a huge part of the NFL audience is women. That’s right! Women attend games, watch games at home or at sports bars, play fantasy football and buy gear. With over 45 million women watching NFL games each week, the NFL is the favorite among women. So why not give women a place where they can get their football fix 24/7, 365 days a year. is that place! No not ‘jersey’ as in the state, but ‘jersey’ as in sports jersey. Jersey Girl has rapidly become the hottest new destination for women who like sports and enjoy reading and seeing female-centric sports news, entertainment and sassy commentary.  So I want to give you the top 7 reasons why Jersey Girl is your one stop shop this NFL season.

1.  Football 101. That’s right, if you have no idea about the ends and outs of the game, but love to watch a good match-up then the Football 101 is for you. Learn about positions, penalties, flags, plays, and so much more. Now if you get the basics and need just a little more in-depth education on the game then Football 101 is for you as well.

2.  Visit the Sports Bar. Just like on any game day the sports bar is where you go to get the 411, and on Jersey Girl it’s the same thing. Get up-to-the-minute scores and news. If you’re unable to see your favorite game or just trying to recap the NFL Sunday, the Sports Bar is your destination.

3.  Jersey Girl TV. Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at your favorite sporting events, or needed a quick recap of the past week’s sports news and a look ahead of what’s coming up, or even wanted to hear what’s on the mind of your favorite sports figure? We you can have all that and then some on Jersey Girl TV. On the weekly show, X’s & O’s, you get to hear about all of the sports that you missed and hear about what’s coming up, all with a feminine twist. Journey with Jersey Girl as they go On the Road to your favorite sporting event, giving you a behind the scenes look. JG Spot will give you an in-depth look at your favorite athletes and sports personalities, answering the questions that you always wanted to have answered.

4.  The Sound-Off Blog gives you opinion like none other.  The one thing that every woman has is an opinion and on the Sound-Off Blog that’s what you’re sure to get.  We’ve touch on everything from the NFL draft to the Kentucky Derby to the issues of college education with professional athletes.  The Sound-Off is a great place to hear what others have to say and be heard.

5.  The Hotties. Jersey Girl is known for a lot of things, but one thing that sticks out are the Hotties that we profile each and every week. These men are some of the sexiest men to ever put on a uniform from the NFL to Olympic Medalist to Rugby and Soccer players. If you miss a particular weeks’ Hottie you can see all of the hottest men on the JG Pics page, where we give you a gallery of hotness. All I have to say is oh-la-la.

6.  When you’re getting ready to hit up your favorite sports bar or even tailgating with your friends, you always have the dilemma of what you are going to wear.  At Jersey Girl, we have the perfect remedy. The Get Cute page has the latest in Jersey Girl apparel that any women can be her sexiest in.  Check out the baby tees with your favorite Jersey Girl sayings on them, or even let everyone know what a true Jersey Girl is.

7.  Every girl needs a JGF…that’s right a Jersey Girlfriend. A Jersey Girlfriend is your one girlfriend who is your go to girl about all things sports. Well the JGF page gives you all that and so much more.  Check out the weekly top 5, the play of the week, the drink of the week, and each week meet one of our loyal Jersey Girl fans who we call the JGF of the week.

See there’s so much to do and say at Jersey Girl that there’s no reason that any woman should be out of touch during the NFL season.  Keep up with us all season at! See you on the web!