With more than 40 percent of NFL fans being female, jerseys tailored for women have become popular in recent years. So it’s interesting to see what jerseys men buy that women don’t and vice versa.

With sales of female jerseys rising exponentially, there’s big business in selling player specific apparel to the female NFL fans. According to data provided by NFLShop.com, the jerseys that are popular among women are much different than those favored by men.

So, whose jersey sells the most? Click ahead to find out!

10. Jason Witten, Cowboys

The Cowboys’ tight end, Jason Witten finds himself on the list at number 10. Witten also has the distinction of having the greatest disparity of jersey sales between men and women, placing 21st on the men’s list, compared to his spot on the women’s list.

9. Tony Romo, Cowboys

Another favorite of female NFL fans is Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Constantly in the scope of the gossip magazines, he became a tabloid target after he dated Jessica Simpson. Simpson was routinely blamed for Romo’s poor performances in games that she attended. He’s also been known to date other celebrities, including Carrie Underwood and Candice Crawford. Despite his tabloid troubles, Romo is a favorite among female NFL fans, and being a Cowboy doesn’t hurt.

8. Eli Manning, Giants

The younger Manning is a shocker on the list. A dad-to-be comes in at number eight while his cross-town rival, Jets QB Mark Sanchez doesn’t break the top 10. Eli and the Giants were left out of the playoffs, but that certainly didn’t keep his jersey from being popular among the ladies of the NFL.

7. Miles Austin, Cowboys

The highest ranking member of the Dallas Cowboys to make the list is wide-receiver Miles Austin at number seven. Despite a short stint with Kim Kardashian, his relationship status couldn’t hurt ‘Shy Miles.’

6. Tim Tebow, Broncos

Taking over as the NFL’s heartthrob now that Tom Brady has Gisele, Tim Tebow sits at number six even though he only started three games in the 2010-11 season. It seems like his college legend has carried over.

5. Tom Brady, Patriots

With three Super Bowl rings to his credit and a throwback to Justin Bieber’s hair, are you surprised that Tom Brady is in the top five?

4. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is reportedly dating ‘Gossip Girl’ star Jessica Szohr, is fourth on the women’s jersey list. He ranks seventh on the list of regular jerseys. Being in the Super Bowl can’t hurt either.

3. Drew Brees, Saints

This Super Bowl MVP QB is second on the men’s list, but third on the women’s list. He may be married with a kid, but he’s still a female favorite.

2. Peyton Manning, Colts

He’s a good boy who also happens to do quite well on the field. Given his longevity with the Colts, buying a Peyton Manning jersey is a good investment, as far as player-specific apparel goes, both for men and women.

1. Troy Polamalu, Steelers

He’s not only classy but he’s also never been in trouble… he gets extra points for the locks. The Steelers’ strong safety is the most popular jersey in pro football among women, according to stats from NFLShop.com. In what may be a direct correlation, out of Polamalu’s 875,000 fans on facebook, 49 percent are female.

Courtesy of CNBC