Toughen-up Falcons fans! Top 3 things to do to get ready for the NFL season

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis Here we go NFL fans! Teams are back in training camp and the trash talking has already begun! No team is hearing it more than the Atlanta Falcons, and no fanbase is more bothered than their fans. Toughen-up Falcons fans! You already know fans of other teams are coming for you, so get ready! Here are the top 3 things you need to do to get ready for the season: 1. RISE UP damn it!  And I mean that with all sincerity. That's the team slogan and the motto by which fans are motivated. So what you lost. There were 30 other teams WATCHING your team play! Take the spirit of that motto into the season and on the road to Minneapolis. 2. Have Your Comebacks Ready - You already know that the memes are coming reminding you of the shocking loss to the New England Patriots, so get your memes together! A good meme can shut stuff down and shut people up! 3. Get Over It! - Really. Let it go! It's a new season and a new opportunity to prove who you are. Winning really help you and other people move on faster. Every team starts the season with the same record, and what happened last season is dust. It's gone. Embrace this season with the same passion that got you through last season and help your team win! Now, let's get ready for some football?  

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