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Transgender golfer Bobbi Lancaster eyes LPGA in 2014

Transgender golfer Bobbi Lancaster eyes LPGA in 2014

Golf is a super conservative sport. It was only in the past few years that African-Americans and women have been allowed to be members of the super exclusive Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. Well now, the LPGA will be faced with another gender challenge.

Transgender Bobbi Lancaster is looking to join the LPGA in 2014. Lancaster was born Robert Lancaster, but in 2010 the 59 year-old underwent gender reassignment surgery. Now at peace  with herself, she’s ready to take her talents to the LPGA: (*video courtesy of USA Today Sports)

Lancaster has done fairly well, but she’s had some disappointments. At a four-day LPGA qualifying event, she didn’t play well enough to make the Top 100, but she did qualify for the LPGA’s developmental Symetra Tour in 2014. She understands her challenges but has a positive mindset:

“I underperformed all year,” she said. “It was so frustrating. It was a result of some orthopedic issues. But mainly it was because of a lack of self-belief and mental toughness.


“I have addressed this with my sports psychologist extraordinaire and feel I have made great strides and am excited about the 2014 competitive year.”

I’m happy for Lancaster. I hope that she really finds her golf “groove” and gets to a place of peace with her game. She isn’t looking for any handouts. Locally she hasn’t been as well-received, but she’s taking it all in stride:

“I am not looking for sympathy here,” she said. “Perhaps it is to be expected when trying to combine a 63-year-old end-of-competitive-life transgendered woman, semiretired physician with 20-somethings (who are) fit and at the start of their careers. …


“But it’s my choice. It’s where I feel my game is most on an even playing field.”


I wish Lancaster good luck in the new year.

Your Jersey girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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