Trump Rescinds White House Invitation To Steph Curry

by Marcelle English | Jersey Girl Sports | @JerseyGirlSports Saturday must be President Trump's day to get on the nerves of athletes and their fans. First he was blasting the NFL in a vile, and totally unnecessary rant regarding athletes standing for the National Anthem. Now, Trump has deicded that NBA's Golden State Warriors MVP, Steph Curry is no longer invited to the White House when the team makes their visit. With NBA training camps opening up over the next couple of weeks, the NBA champion Golden State Warriors have decided that they will take a vote on whether or not the team will attend what is usually a welcomed invitation to visit the White House after winning at the highest level in sports. However, even though the team will vote, Curry, like teammate Kevin Durant, has decided that he will not be attending even if the team does. Curry summed up his emotion by simply saying, "I don't want to go." Since the era of Trump began, players of Championship teams have opted out of the ceremonial visit. A couple of months back,  more than two dozen players from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots skipped the team's visit. While the visit has historically been an honor, nothing that Trump has done or said been honorable.  Leagues should just stop the visits all together, because the childish behavior of this President is not going to change.

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