Trusted By All 32 NFL Teams, Tide Shows That They’re Not Just Colors

Just like any true football fan, Sundays are dedicated to the game. You wake up early, attend an early worship service, get a little something to eat, and then it’s time to settle in to watch the day’s games well into the night. After a long day of games, tailgating food and beer, you clean up not only the dishes but also that team apparel that you have worn all day long while pulling for your teams. Whether it was through a missed field goal, an awesome touchdown pass, or the agony of defeat; no matter what it was you were there. Now washing one or two jerseys might be simple, but have you ever thought what it would be like to wash the uniforms for some of the NFL teams and keep those NFL team colors as bright as they were the day you brought your team t-shirt or jersey? The Equipment Manager for the New York Giants, Ed Wagner, shows why he’s been using Tide for the past 35 years. He shows us that they’re not just colors; they’re a full time job. Or, the Raiders fans who believe that it's not just about Raider's Nation, it's about keeping that black and silver from getting dingy wash after wash. 1.             After watching Ed’s grueling job of taking care of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, I believe that Tide can take care of even your biggest post game messes. See why they’re not just colors at Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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