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Two Men Steal $65K in Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Party

Two Men Steal $65K in Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Party

Getting ready for a Super Bowl Party this weekend? One item that’s on your must have list has got to be chicken wings, and with the rising price you might cut back on the number that you serve, but would you steal them?

Well two men stole $65,000 in Tyson chicken wings from Nordic Cold Storage in Doraville, north of Atlanta, where they were employed. The two have been charged with felony theft and were released on $2,950 bond.

It’s reported that the two men rented a truck, pulled up to one of the truck loading docks and loaded 10 pallets of the chicken during a mid-day shift. One man loaded the wings while the other served as a lookout. After stealing the chicken the two men returned to work which is when they were arrested.

Police in the case are not 100% sure why the men stole chicken but it’s a strong speculating that it was for a Super Bowl party this weekend.

If this story wasn’t crazy enough, the police have NOT been able to recover the chicken. So if you hear of a police precinct having a huge Super Bowl party with $65,000 worth of wings, you know where they are.

While I understand that chicken wings are a staple for any Super Bowl party, stealing them is not the way to get the party started.

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Marcelle English


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