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Two Teams Down, Responds Differently

By Carla Parker, Jersey Girl Sports Contributor

Many sports commentators predicted that the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers would face off again in the NBA Finals this year.

But last week, the two teams found themselves down 2-0 in their respective series, and many wondered how would the Celtics and Lakers respond to being down, but not out.

Well we all saw this weekend that the Lakers easily gave up when they were in a hole, but the Celtics picked themselves up, dust off their shoulders and kept on going.

As a Lakers fan, I was highly disgusted by the lack of effort and the terrible sportsmanship that the team displayed during its series against the Dallas Mavericks. I give props to the Mavs and its coaching staff for being fully prepared for this series.

The Mavs were ready for the Lakers and played with confidence and energy in all four games.

I can’t say the same for the defending Champs. They played with no energy, they looked lost, forgot the meaning of defense and really didn’t seem like they cared to go for a three-peat.

And the flagrant fouls by Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom made an already ugly series embarrassing. I’m pretty sure Phil Jackson wasn’t expecting this outcome in his final season as coach.

Message to Bynum, you were not cute when you took your jersey off after being ejected in Game 4. You need to check yourself son!

Although we won’t see the Lakers in the Final, there still is a possibility that we will see the Celtics.

Unlike the Lakers, the C’s didn’t roll over and die when they were down two games in its series against the “Heatles.”

The Celtics remained calmed played in Game 3 with energy and a lot of heart. They didn’t look like the “old men” that showed up in Game 1 and 2. They looked liked the 2008 championship team.

And no one displayed more heart than Rajon Rondo. The man freakishly dislocated his elbow in the third quarter (it was super gross).

Everyone thought he was done, not only for the rest of the game but the rest of the season. But Rondo knew the importance of this game and came back in the fourth quarter and pretty much single-handedly beat the Heat with one arm.

Resilience and heart was difference between the 2010 NBA Final participates.

Just because you’re down 2-0 in a series doesn’t means the series is over. Obviously Boston was the only one of the two who understood that.

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