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Two Women Fight Over Falcons Running Back in Atlanta

I really don’t know where to start with this one.

On Monday at the home of Atlanta Falcons’ running back, Michael Turner was said to have broken up a girl-on-girl fight between his new girlfriend, Elizabeth Delacruz and his baby mama, Rasheeda Walker.

According to TMZ, Walker claims she has 2 children with Turner and was “upset because he refuses to see them.” She also claims she’s pregnant with Turner’s 3rd child and wanted to talk to him about the situation.

Walker told cops she knocked on the front door … only to be ambushed by Turner’s new GF Elizabeth Delacruz … who was wielding a golf club and shouting, “YOU AT MY HO– USE NOW B*TCH.”

Delacruz has a totally different story. She says that Walker sneaked into the home through an unlocked door and that is when she confronted her.

It’s said that Turner was the one who broke up the fight and the police found the two women in the front yard wounded and bloody.

According to TMZ, neither woman wanted to press charges, but Walker was issued a criminal trespass warning and was told to stay away.

Ummmmm…now why were they fighting? I’m confused. One is preggers with this man’s THIRD child, and the new GF is talking about this is my house now…really?!?!? See Shaunie, these women in the “real” world think they can pull the same shenanigans that the cast of characters on your show do, and you think this is positive.

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English

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