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UPDATE: Ahmad Rashad’s estranged wife locks him out of the house

UPDATE: Ahmad Rashad’s estranged wife locks him out of the house

So what seemed to be an agreeable divorce between to parties has suddenly escalated. Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad has reportedly been kicked out of his house by his very wealthy wife Sale Johnson. The two share a home in the very exclusive Jupiter, Florida Bears Club community. 

According to, Sale Johnson asked security guards not to let him in (the house) unless she approves it, a Club insider tells Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra. Sale Johnson is the ex-wife of Johnson & Johnson heir Woody Johnson and owns the $5 million-home at the Club developed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus around a world-class golf course.

How can she do that if it’s their home, you may ask? Well, the five-bedroom house is deeded solely in her name. 

So there’s that.

An anonymous source says Sale Johnson is locking him out of other things too:

“Sale cut Ahmad off from all the clubs they’re members of, and had the fob that gets him through the guard gate at the Bears Club deactivated,” the source said. “Actually, he got through and went to the clubhouse. But the guards asked him to leave and escorted him out.

“Ahmad and Sale are not on speaking terms right now. Things are being done through lawyers. They barely had a marriage anyway. He’s always gone with the basketball thing.”

A New York Post article cited Rashad’s friendship with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods as the source of her discontent. It also appears that she has an iron-clad pre-nup that won’t pay him anything in the divorce settlement.

This is sad. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

What do you think?

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