I just wanted to give you a quick update on the Deion / Pilar Sanders assault that occurred late Monday afternoon.

Just to quick bring you up to speed, late yesterday it was alleged that Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of Deion Sanders, and a friend  “attacked” Deion in his Dallas home. Only minutes after the altercation, Deion went to twitter and spilled the beans on the whole thing.

To get the full story from yesterday, click here.

Getting back to the update…

After last night’s assault Deion told TMZ that Pilar was taken to the hospital immediately after the altercation, but was arrested and sent to the Colin County Jail where she was booked for “assault family violence.” Deion says that he did not harm Pilar during the incident and only “defended” himself until he was able to call the police.

We’ll keep you posted!

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English