Well, she got her tickets! The woman who offered to exchange her wedding ring for tickets to the Chiefs – Broncos game got what she wanted!

She met a man at a reputable jewelry store to verify the authenticity and appraisal value of the ring. It seems the man was looking for rings (on Craig’s List) for his girlfriend, who has been hinting about engagement rings. 

“It’s official! I have tickets to the game!!!” the woman selling the rings said in an email to The Kansas City Star. “We met at a jewelry store so they could verify the ring was real and matched the appraisal I had provided him.”

It turns out that the rings are not from her current marriage, but a previous one. Knowing this makes it a bit more palpable. I hope her husband really enjoys the game!

For the girl who’s getting this ring from her boyfriend. I hope he doesn’t tell her he went shopping for an engagement ring on Craig’s List.

Just saying….

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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