US Boxing doesn’t want Mike Tyson around the ring

This week Mike Tyson signed to his Iron Mike Promotions (IMP) US Olympic boxing prospect Erickson Lubin, and that didn't sit too well with US Boxing. They sent a letter to Tyson asking him to stop interfering with the Olympic process of Lubin who they consider USA's best bet. Lubin is apparently excited about signing with IMP tweeting:
"Officially signed to Iron Mike Promotions. My pro career starts now."
Tyson responded through his publicist in a statement saying:
"IMP (Iron Mike Promotions) and Rivalta Management signed him today on his 18th birthday," said JoAnn Mignano. "That was his choice, nobody forced him to sign a pro contract."
I don't think Mike Tyson pressured this young man; Hey, he's Mike Tyson! I do think there's still a bad taste in the mouths of some in the boxing world of who Mike Tyson used to be. He's trying to change--to become a better man. I hope this doesn't come to hurt Lubin in the long-run. Or Mike, for that matter. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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