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Vanessa Bryant Was “Fed Up” With Kobe’s Cheating So Why Is She The Bad Guy?

Sources close to Vanessa Brant have told a tabloid that she filed for divorce because she was fed up with his cheating.

“[Vanessa] estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105,” a friend told the tabloid.

According to the source, Vanessa had Kobe followed by a private investigator who provided her proof of his ongoing infidelities.

“The lies and deceit hurt, of course, but racking up those kinds of numbers is mind-blowing and left her devastated. And when she discovered he was cheating during the recent NBA lockout, that was the final straw. Her private detective caught him red-handed with incriminating photos.”

So what was the straw? The 105th jump-off? How about the second one? How about the girl he cheated with after the huge alleged rape scandal in Colorado?

I can’t imagine how Vanessa feels. It’s one thing to get cheated on, and another to have definitive proof. However, it’s something altogether different to have this personal matter unfold in the public eye.

Still, I find it interesting that SHE’S the one receiving most of the blame. The misogynistic language (even from alot of women) is shocking!  I’ve seen her called everything from a gold-digger, to a whore, stupid, dumb and everything in between! I’ve even seen comments about her having contrived to wait until ten years in the marriage before she filed.

There seems to be a dark stance against women whenever a man of power is getting a divorce. People seem to shift into “stupid” letting their love for his talent, skill or success blind them to his obvious flaws.  No one seems to hold him accountable. It’s as if she’s responsible for his actions. How absurd!

What about Kobe? What about his commitment? If her allegations are true, isn’t she justified for leaving? Wouldn’t we all advise her to leave a marriage where this was going on?

Why did she stay? Love? Money?

Who knows?! The notion of her staying for money seems odd because they didn’t have a prenup, so she’s automatically entitled to half. It sounds strange, but maybe she really loved him.

Truth be told many of us have also stayed in a relationship way too long…what was our reason?

At the end of the day, however we feel, the children are the real victims in this.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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