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(VIDEO) 49ers’ Colin Kapernick Loses Brows In Bet

If you have seen the newest EA Sports’ Madden 25 commercial you will see Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and 49ers QB Colin Kapernick place a bet that would have one of them without eyebrows on Monday, the day after their Sunday Night Football match-up.

What a great marketing strategy to get people to watch the game and people to buy the newest Madden game!

Kapernick and the 49ers lost 3-29 in prime time, and see what happened the next day…

While the video is VERY realistic looking, no eyebrows were hurt while shooting this. You can credit the amazing graphic work to the folks over at EA Sports.

Even though Kapernick didn’t really lose his brows I loved the marketing efforts.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

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