Every player wants to celebrate the big moments in a game. For NFL players, the touchdown provides just that–and when you haven’t had many great moments, getting to celebrate when you make a big is important–just do it right!

Buffalo Bills tight end Lee Smith only had seven catches in the past two seasons, but on Sunday he got another one and after high-fiving with his teammates, he decided to do a ‘Lambeau Leap’ in to the stands with cheering fans, except there was one problem–the fans didn’t catch him! Watch:

It’s almost like he disappears! Down he goes into the abyss of fan-dom, and the cheering fans seem to be equally as clueless!

Note to fans: when your team scores, the player who leaps wants to be caught. Catch him.

I hope Lee Smith is lauging about this as he watches the replay. I know I am!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis