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VIDEO: Chicago Bulls fans shot in Philly after win against Sixers

VIDEO: Chicago Bulls fans shot in Philly after win against Sixers

Jersey Girl Sports fam, I’m all about “going hard” for your team or being a “die hard” fan, but some are taking “die hard” fan-dome too far!

According to Philadelphia police, two men were shot on a train after the Bulls – Sixers game Wednesday night. The Chicago Tribune reports that the two men were bragging about the win, and also reports:

The shooting happened around 10:40 p.m. after “a little bit of banter” between the two fans and two other people, described as between 16 and 19, at 46th and Market streets in West Philadelphia, police said.


One of the Bulls fans, a 36-year-old man, quarreled with the teens and was shot in the stomach as the teens exited the train at 46th street, according to Lt. John Walker. The other Bulls fan, a 30-year-old man, tried to calm things down and was shot in the thigh, he said. also reported statements by Philadelphia Lieutenant John Walker:

Detectives say a 35-year-old male wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey was on the Market Frankford El when two males, described as about 17-or-19 years old, started talking trash.  “The 35-year-old says ‘[L]isten man, this train’s filled with people, there’s young kids, there’s ladies in here, you need to watch your mouth young boy.’ Of course, that escalates it a little further and we have a 30-year-old male who’s on the train, who’s behind the 35-year-old who says ‘[L]isten it’s not worth it, these young boys, just let’s cool out,’” Walker explained.

Detectives say approximately 35 passengers were on-board the El train when the incident happened. No other injuries were reported. “You can have disagreements, but the answer isn’t pulling out a gun and firing and trying to resolve it. It doesn’t make you a bigger man, it doesn’t make you a better person, it makes you an idiot,” Walker said.

No suspects have been arrested in the case.

I absolutely agree with the Lieutenant’s statements. This incident is such a sad example of where the minds of some young people are today, and how the propensity of violence plagues our society. This issue is bigger than fan rivalry and I hope the victims fully recover.

Part of the fun of attending sporting events is the trash-talking and the spirited rivalry. When we cannot enjoy this part of the lifestyle of the game, we reduce ourselves, and the game itself.

Let’s keep the victims in our prayers.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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