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(VIDEO) Derek Jeter All-Star Tribute To Air During His Final All-Star Game

(VIDEO) Derek Jeter All-Star Tribute To Air During His Final All-Star Game

Everyone’ eyes will be on tonight’s MLB All-Star Game, not because of their love for baseball but to show their love and respect for retiring New York Yankee, Derek Jeter

At the end of this season, Derek Jeter will retire, leaving a game that he loves so much. But before he hangs up his bat, Jeter will play in his 14th MLB All-Star Game, which promises to be one for the history books. 

During the game, you will see a fitting tribute to Jeter that will run in an almost two-minute commercial which is set to debut  just before Jeter’s first at-bat. In the spot, a number of notable individuals tip their hat to the Captain: Rudy Giuliani, Jay-Z, John Lackey, Joe Torre, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettite, rapper Action Bronson, skater Eric Kosten, Spike Lee, Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson, Maya Moore, Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Woods and Billy Crystal.

Check out the tribute…

The spot was produced by Jordan Brand (the brand owned by Micheal Jordan), to show respect and admiration to Jeter for the work that he has put in. Jeter was the first Jordan Brand-endorsed baseball athlete when he was signed in 1999.  Other than Michel Jordan, Jeter is the brand’s longest-tenured athlete.  With 12 signature cleats, Jeter has the most signature shoes of any Jordan Brand athlete other than Jordan.

If you should watch tonight’s All-Star game tonight for no other reason than to see Derek Jeter for the last time. I highly suggest it, and I promise it will be worth the time. 

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