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(VIDEO) Floppers beware: NBA gives first two ‘flopping’ warnings

(VIDEO) Floppers beware: NBA gives first two ‘flopping’ warnings

Attention NBA players— it seems commissioner David Stern was NOT playing about flopping. During the Timberwolves – Cavaliers game Donald Sloan and J.J. Barea became the first two players to get “flopping” warnings under the new “no flopping” rule.

According to

Barea was playing defense with 10:04 left in a game the Timberwolves would win, and took an off-hand to the face from the Kings’ Jimmer Fredette. Barea threw his arms up dramatically, and to great effect; he fooled the referee into a call he would not have been likely to get otherwise.

Take a look and you make the call:

Timberwolves head coach Rick Adelman disagrees with the call:

“I’ve said it before, I think it’s something that they can certainly look at, but I don’t know how anybody thousands of miles away on TV can tell if somebody gets hit or not hit. I think anybody here, if somebody does that to you, you’re gonna flinch … and he got hit…The play that they’re talking about, the guy hit him in the face and he got called for a foul. I don’t understand how he could get a warning foul. It sounds like maybe they’re trying to use his reputation, but I just think it seems like our officials are supposed to be the best in the world, and they’re very good officials, and they should be able to tell if somebody gets hit or he’s faking it.”

True. That’s a very true statement, BUT it’s not the hit but the response that the flopping rule is concerned with. The exaggerated movement is what typically pushes a ref to call a foul and it’s this action that “fools” the refs that the NBA is trying to curtail.

After watching the video, I don’t know if I believe he REALLY got hit. Hmmmm…what I DO know is that he reacted strongly.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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